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This masterclass is a short 6-hour duration WordPress course. It will be divided into two hours for each day. It is a non-technical course, so you won’t need to worry about programming or coding at all. You’ll use visual methods for every step. As long as you are confident at using a computer for everyday tasks like email and word processing, you’ll be fine at our class! You focus will be on becoming a web designer, not a computer programmer. You’ll get methods presented to you in a practical and user friendly way. In short, you’ll find out that our course is suitable for all skill levels.

Expert Tutors

Rapid Entrepreneurs have the best instructors to take you by the hand from scratch to acquire all the needed skills to become a professional website designer.

Anytime, Anywhere

You don't need to travel to our office but you can join from the comfort of your home. Use that money for data to connect from anywhere and any country of origin.

Course Fees

This course is 100% FREE. You don't need to pay for it. If you want to buy a domain and hosting to follow step by step you can do that. We will show you the best one to get.

Course Topics

We will teach you how to get and best web hosting service and domain, how to install WordPress, themes, plugins and how to design your website like a pro.

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